New book on sale now!

“In much postmodern discourse it has become usual to argue that the biblical text has many meanings (as many as there are interpreters). Benjamin Sargent shows, in this tightly argued book, that many readers in the past believed it had a single, determinate meaning. This is a book that will challenge many assumptions, on the basis both of detailed examination of many texts and of a wide knowledge of secondary literature about biblical interpretation down the centuries.”
–John Barton, Oriel and Laing Professor of Biblical Interpretation, Emeritus, University of Oxford



  1. How do you find time for it!?! I just read Howard Marshall’s review of your 1 Peter monograph in JSNT – it must have been one of his last. And perhaps this new book is the answer to his request in his final paragraph…?


    1. I’ve not read that – quite terrifying to think of someone of his stature reading my work! I’ll have to try and find it. Would be very interested to know more about what you’re up to at Tyndale House!


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